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Show Bag Vendors 2016

Show Bag Zone:
Including: Blaze, Discovery Kids, Shopkins, Hot wheels, Paw patrol, Play school, Licorice Lovers, Mentos, Warheads, Cadbury and Bertie Beetle.
Visit Show Bag Zone website for more info!

Sweet Orchards:

Melbourne Rock Candy


Harlese Show bags:

Including: Cadbury, Fizzer, Hubba Bubba, Warheads, Chupa Chups, Pokemon, AFL, Ben 10, Barbie and Peppa Pig.
Visit website for more info!


Darrell Lea Showbags:

Including: Pig Out Jumbo, Pig Out, Classic and Liquorice -Gag Magic: Gag Bag, Full'O Fizz, Bag of bubbles, Cop that, Farm World, Gag Big, Wild West and Pretty Pony.
Visit website for more info!

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