Hall 1 set up for the Angus Youth Roundup Dinner

Hall 1 set up for the Angus Youth Roundup Dinner

Hall 1 set up for Dwyer's Boxing Event
photo credit: Dwyer's Boxing Club

dwyers boxing 1.jpg

Mount Gambier Truck Show Event 2018
photo credit: Mount Gambier Truck Show Organisers

Truck Show 2018.jpg


The facilities at the showgrounds are available for hire throughout the year. We have a number of buildings for hire to suit your function. Or you can hire the whole grounds for large outdoor events.

Show Hall: Our show hall is made up of three separate areas which can be hired individually or as a whole. Hall 1 has a large kitchen and separate bar serving area. Hall 1 alone has the potential to seat 250-300 people for a sit down meal with enough space for a stage and dance floor.

  • Show Hall No 1 $440 (24hrs) plus $1000 bond

  • Show Hall No 2 $220 (24hrs) plus $1000 bond

  • Show Hall No 3 $220 (24hrs) plus $1000 bond

  • Show Hall No 1 & 2 $550 (24hrs) plus $1000 bond

  • All 3 show halls $660 (24hrs) plus $1000 bond

Committee Room: Our committee room is a smaller facility that can be used for meetings and community group gatherings. It can be hired with or without kitchen and bar facilities.

  • Committee room without kitchen (24hrs) $110 plus $100 bond

  • Committee room with kitchen (24hrs) $165 plus $100 bond

Entire grounds: The grounds are available for hire inclusive of buildings (excluding any facilities already occupied by current tenants). This is perfect for large events e.g. caravan & camping shows or similar.

  • Grounds hire (24hrs) $3500 plus $2000 bond
    *Please note: this may change for specialty events that require committee approval.


Poultry & Pigeon Pavilion: $25 (24hrs) plus $100 bond


Beef and Dairy Cattle Pavilion: $440 (24hrs) plus $400 bond

Sheep Pavilion: $330 (24hrs) plus $300 bond

Corner Paddock (Suitable for circuses): $550 (week) plus $1000 bond

Main Arena: $165 (24hrs) plus $100 bond


Horse Stables: $30 one night, $15 per night thereafter plus $20 bond

Please note: some fees are subject to change based on nature of the booking.  Cleaning,  labour fees and equipment usage are applied as required.

Extra charges may apply for electricity and water use.

Contact us for more information or to discuss the options for your event!